Below is a list of conferences and meetings that our group have attended.

If you would like further information on any of the topics, please get in touch.

15th IGAC Science Conference, 2018


OH, HO2 and RO2 Radical and OH Reactivity Observations during Wintertime and Summertime in Beijing, and comparison with both steady state calculations and box model simulations. (2.100)
Eloise Slater


Mechanistic Study of the Reactions of NO3 Radicals with C3-C6 Alkenes.
Freja F. Øesterstrøem

An inter-comparison of methods for HO2 and CH3O2 detection and kinetic study of the HO2 + CH3O2 cross-reaction in the Highly Instrumented Reactor for
Atmospheric Chemistry (HIRAC).
Lavinia Onel

25th International Symposium on Gas Kinetics and Related Phenomena 2018


Development of a Photo-fragmentation Laser Induce Fluorescence Instrument for the Measurement of Nitrous Acid.
Graham Boustead

Low Temperature Gas Phase Reaction Rate Coefficient Measurements: Toward Modeling of Stellar Winds.
Niclas West

Kinetic Study of the CH3O2 + HO2 Cross-reaction in the Highly Instrumented Reactor for Atmospheric Chemistry.
Freja F. Øesterstrøem


Mechanistic Study of the Reaction of CH2F2 with Cl Atoms in the Absence and Presence of CH4 or C2H6: Decomposition of CHF2OH and Fate of the CHF2O Radical
Freja F. Øesterstrøem

Elevated levels of OH observed in haze events during wintertime in Beijing, and the comparison of radical measurements with both steady state calculations and box model simulations. (Best Student Poster Prize)
Eloise Slater

An inter-comparison of FAGE and CRDS for the detection of HO2 and CH3O2 radicals in a simulation chamber
Alexander Brennan

AGU 2017

Gas Kinetics, July 2016

AGU, December 2015

International Conference of Chemical Kinetics, July 2013

Kinetics of Reactions at Very Low Temperatures Measured Using a Pulsed Laval Nozzle Apparatus
Rebecca Caravan

EGU, April 2013

ACM, December 2012

AGU, December 2012

Gas Kinetics, June 2012

AGU, December 2011

GEOS-Chem meeting, May 2011

EGU, March 2011

Gas Kinetics, July 2010

EGU, May 2010

AGU, December 2009

SOLAS Meeting, November 2009