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About us

Dwayne Heard's Group has developed the laser-based field instruments for the atmospheric measurement of OH, HO2, RO2, and other free-radicals, OH reactivity and carbonyl species. We have deployed our instruments in over 25 field campaigns worldwide since 1996 from ground, ship- and aircraft-based platforms. We conducted studies of chemical kinetics and photochemistry performed in the laboratory which are relevant to Earth's atmosphere and also very cold regions in the interstellar medium.


OH Measurements at 4700 Meters

As part of a joint field campaign with Peking University, Beijing, the University of Leeds FAGE container has gone to Tibet to measure concentrations of radical species at Nam Co, a remote, high altitude (4730 m) field location. The atmospheric pressure at Nam Co is ~ 0.55 Atm. This is an area of significant interest...

Flying over the African wetlands to find sources of methane

Researchers from the School of Chemistry recently took to the skies in a project to measure methane emissions from tropical wetlands in Africa. As reported by Nature, scientists flew above the swamps and farmlands of Zambia and Uganda in an aeroplane loaded with measuring instruments, in a bid to discover the source of an unexplained global...

RSC Prize

Dwayne is delighted to have been awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry Environment Prize for 2017. He hopes that this award acknowledges the importance of the application of fundamental techniques developed in the laboratory to the study of our atmosphere, and the interdisciplinary approach that is necessary to tackle difficult challenges associated with understanding our...

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