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OH Measurements at 4700 Meters


As part of a joint field campaign with Peking University, Beijing, the University of Leeds FAGE container has gone to Tibet to measure concentrations of radical species at Nam Co, a remote, high altitude (4730 m) field location. The atmospheric pressure at Nam Co is ~ 0.55 Atm. This is an area of significant interest as, owing to a lack of previous composition measurements, the chemistry of the area is uncertain. We are providing measurements of the hydroxyl radical (OH) during this campaign, whose levels might be expected to be significant as concentrations of ozone (an OH source) on the Tibetan plateau are expected to be elevated due to transport down from the stratosphere. As well as measuring OH we are also providing measurements of HO2, RO2, OH reactivity and solar flux.

The Leeds Chemistry team, Dr. Lisa Whalley and PhD students Eloise Slater and Joanna Dyson, are in Tibet until late May gathering data from a very scenic location.